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My goal is to create classic outdoor nude images that can stand the test of time. I want to show the innocence and playfulness of being nude in nature. I am also moving toward a much more ephemeral look in my black and white images.

In addition, I want to show women who are strong, in control of their lives and situations, and who are comfortable with their surroundings. These are powerful, confident women. If you are looking for sexualized, pouty, crazyily-arched-back-and-draped-off-the-couch-onto-the-floor, pornographic images, you won't find any here.

If interested in modeling please email me at benaturalphotography@gmail.com. Or contact me through Model Mayhem. My Model Mayhem number is 2279690. I live on the Olympic Peninsula and shoot mainly in secluded beaches and forests in Kitsap county and on the Olympic Peninsula including the Washington coastline. I also shoot in Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, Everett and as far north as Bellingham. 

Nude modeling can be a fun and exciting experience! Please contact me for more information. I hope to hear from you.


About beNatural Photography

I am fortunate enough to live near Seattle, WA... the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Most of my images are taken on beaches and forests in Kitsap County, the Olympic Peninsula, on the Washington coast, and elsewhere around western Washington State.

All images are Registered © 2008-2021 beNatural Photography. All rights reserved. Yes, ALL my images are actually registered, published or not, with the US Copyright Office. Please contact me directly for use, licensing or print information. All original RAW files and high resolution images are kept by the photographer.

Please do not copy, download, transmit, save, or otherwise use these images for any personal, commercial, or any other use without my express written permission. All images are lower to medium resolution. I retain the original, uncropped RAW files as well as the high resolution processed files. They will be used to defend my copyright. 


Please contact me directly for information regarding modeling, or for purchasing use, licensing or prints, at:


If interested in modeling, you can also contact me through Model Mayhem. My Model Mayhem number is 2279690.

You can also find me on Flickr (You'll have to adjust your safety filter to see my images there), and occasionally on Facebook. Just click the proper icon buttons. Thank you!

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