Try Fine Art Nude Modeling

Okay, it's one of those things that you've probably thought about but never really considered actually doing. Now is your chance to give nude modeling a try and even be paid to do it. Many people have thought about how fun and empowering it would be to model nude… so give it a try! You get paid, you'll have fun, and you'll get some nice pictures for your portfolio or for someone special. 

If you are a woman between 18 & 30ish, are adventurous, think you might have the right look, and have no (or just a few small) tattoos, please contact me. We shoot primarily in Kitsap and Jefferson counties, the greater Puget Sound corridor (from Olympia through Tacoma and Seattle, and up as far as Bellingham) or out on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Models say that they enjoyed modeling and felt comfortable during the shoot. They also very much enjoy the images that they receive!

"Steve is an absolute joy to work with! He gives amazing direction, is very relaxed to be around, and brings a fun energy to every shoot. Can't wait to work together again!" ~ Kalika

"Extremely professional and took some beautiful nature inspired and focused shots I really loved, made my experience in a new location comfortable and free-flowin' not to mention got to spend a few hours in a beautiful setting and create beautiful images, so [you] can't lose!" ~ Morgan

"Very comfortable to shoot nudes with. Polite and courteous. Enjoys the smaller laughs with you too. Would love to work together again sometime." ~ Kimber

“What a fun day! Steve (the photographer) was great. If you are interested in nude modeling, I definitely recommend working with him.” ~ Emily


We have fun, relaxed, low-key shoots in beautiful outdoor scenery. I have shot all over western Washington State, but prefer the forests of Olympia, the beaches and forests of Kitsap and Jefferson counties, the Olympic Peninsula, and the Washington coastline. There are plenty of wonderful places available to us. Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, and as far north as Bellingham are also options (although larger populations make it a bit more challenging). 

Shoots usually last around an hour. We generally shoot fairly early in the morning to avoid other people. All shoots are outdoors. We do not shoot in a studio. 

Ideally you are a woman in your 20s, have a slim or athletic build, and a reasonably youthful appearance. Preferably you'll have no tattoos, but small ones can be removed in post-processing. No MUA (Make-Up Artist) or hairstyling is needed. Hair is usually worn down. Only eyeliner for makeup. Other makeup tends to look blotchy in black and white photography. We're going for the natural, belongs-outdoors, look.

Many of my images do not show faces. For those of you considering nude modeling for the first time, being anonymous is often an easy and fun way to try nude modeling!

Your comfort is paramount. Please feel free to bring an escort or friend to our shoot if you would be more comfortable. They will be put to work keeping an eye out for other people.

All models will sign a model release form, and all models must prove they are at least 18 with government-issued ID. Models are paid $100 per hour plus any ‘post-processed’ images (hopefully 5 - 7, or more, but we never know). You will get copies of all the 'keepers' that have been processed (not every shot taken during the shoot). The model release form has all the information, and we would agree on all aspects of the session beforehand. 

You can see my work at my website but please know that if you click that link you will see nude images! Do not click the link if viewing nudity is offensive to you, if you are underage to view nudity, or if viewing nudity is illegal or unsafe where you live:

Please email me ( if interested in modeling and we can schedule a time and location, weather depending. I am doing limited shoots each summer, so please contact me early if interested. If you have a Model Mayhem account, please give me your MM# or a link to your profile. Otherwise, If comfortable with it, please include a head and body shot (clothed is perfectly fine!).

I only shoot nudes during the summer for obvious reasons of warmth and very early sunrises to help us avoid people (we often shoot just after sunrise). Feel free to contact me at any time of the year though.

Personal Portfolios

Are you interested in outdoor nude modeling, but want to keep your images private for yourself or that special person? I am available to shoot any images you wish for your own private use (they do not have to conform to my aesthetic in this case). Our model release form will stipulate that the images shall never be published without express written permission from you, and you will receive all post-processed images (usually at least 5 or more, and sometimes several, depending on how the shoot went). 

For personal images, you would be hiring me at my standard rate of $100/hour plus a $100 post-processing fee to cover all initial computer work (which actually takes many hours). You will receive digital images. If you wish to receive prints, then there are additional charges. Please email me with any questions. 

Please note that I only shoot outdoors. I do not shoot in a studio or with any artificial lighting except a speedlight on occasion. If you wish indoor studio, boudoir-style images, then you will need to research your area for proper studio-based boudoir photographer with the necessary lighting equipment. 

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you!

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