Custom Prints

UPDATE: Custom printing is temporarily unavailable. The information below is still here for you to evaluate once printing returns as an option. Email for updates. Until then, please consider the "Print on Demand" option. 

For a while I was offering custom prints in selected sizes, however having that much inventory on hand was difficult to manage. 

I've now switched to only printing when I receive an inquiry. If interested, please email me and let me know what you're looking for. Any image that you find on this site, or on my Flickr or Model Mayhem sites, can be printed. Please send me the name of the photo, or a very small screen shot of the photo, and we can chat about options. 

Prints that are on photo paper:

8" x 11": $75USD 

13" x 19": $135

22" x 17": $250

On fine art matte paper, please add $5, $10, and $15 respectively. The largest prints available fit on 22" x 17" paper. All prints will have at least a 1" border on all sides. 

I only offer prints. If you wish it to be framed, then you will need to take care of that yourself. 

If you wish a less unique print, or another medium than photopapers (Canvas wraps, Metal prints, etc...), please check out the Format "Print on Demand" store for loads of options. See the image below for an example from the Format Prints Marketplace

Please contact me at for questions. 


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